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Pregnancy Tests

When I went to the doctor to confirm, they didn't even get a faint positive on theirs. They sent me to get blood work and called the next day telling me I ...

Feeling Pregnant with a Negative Test

Oct 5, 2009 ... First, the blood draw was taken when I was too early in my pregnancy. Before week 6. The 2 sticks were 3neg then a positive. ...

1 Positive & 1 Negative Pregnancy Test?

I was 2 weeks late BEFORE I finally had a positive pregnancy test. I KNEW I was pregnant though. Make an appt for a blood test. M. ...

Blood Test to Determine Pregnancy

Aug 10, 2009 ... The first time I had a negative stick test on Fri and on Sunday and took a blood test Monday that was positive. ...

Weak Positive Pregnancy Test (Help!)

I waited another week or two, and it was definitely positive. We now have a beautiful almost 6 week old little girl. Your OB can repeat the test (blood or ...

Rhogam Shot During and After Pregnancy

If there is a chance of having a positive blood baby, you should definately get the ..... Mom's with Negative Blood and Dad's with Positive blood-Rhogam ...

Where do I get a more accurate pregnancy test?

Over the counter tests don't touch the sensitivity levels of a blood test. Good luck. I have been told that I am wrong, but I am positive I am not. ...

Can You Have a False Positive on a Pregnancy Test?

You can have a false positive. I had a positive at home test,though it was a very ... If not, please schedule a blood test with the doctor, you can spend ...

Has Any Body Had This Happen to Them?

If so how long did it take for the test to come out positive? ... Go and get a blood test immediately. The same thing happened to me. I took three blood ...

Quad Screening Positive for down Syndrome

When the screen comes up "positive" it doesn not mean that th baby as the disease, just certain markers in the blood,chances are it is nothing. ...
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