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Looking for Somewhere to Feed Ducks (Other than the Zoo)

I am looking for somewhere in the Birmingham area to feed ducks or geese. ... We have a lake w/ ducks and geese and we often take our kids down to feed. ...

Buying Christmas Gifts for Nieces and Nephews: No More Responses, Please! :-)

Last year, I purchased a group of geese for my friends (who already have ... I think I spent less than $200 last year for the geese and llama share. ...

Ducks in the Pond

We go to the pond at Haverford College a lot it's nice there is a large field the kids can run in and there are ducks and geese. We also go to Chanticleer a ...

Free Things to Do with the Kids This Summer

Jul 13, 2009 ... There are sidewalks, bridges, tables, benches, shade trees and probably at least 100 hungrey ducks and geese. Even a pair of Canadian geese! ...

PTA Meetings?

And while we still be considereing a bunch of gaggling geese, we really do alot, and you can really have your part if you want too. ...

Where to Feed Ducks in Plano

I don't know about West Plano/North Carrollton, but there are tons of ducks and geese you can feed at Lake Towne Park in McKinney. Helpful? ...

Fun in Naperville?

We saw fish jumping in the river, geese, ducks and a lot more. Yesterday we drove up near Wheaton and went to Kline Creek Farm. ...

Activities for 17 Month Old Girl

Feeding ducks and geese out at ponds. Visting with slightly older children who could talk with her and pretend play (she was an absolute chatter box after ...

Summer Plans with a Baby

The barn and barnyard have horses, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, geese and cats. The purpose of this restored farmstead is to preserve and portray ...

Looking for Toddler-friendly Parks in Woodstock

... past their playground... maybe a mile or two down Neese there is a playground with a baseball field and a pond with ducks and geese. ...
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