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Should I give my child milk or milk substitute if he has stomach flu

Contrary to popular belief babies don't need their milk--they can get calcium and protein about a million other ways. In the meantime though, ...

8 Year Old Will Not Eat

I know this question has been asked a million times but I need help. I have an 8 almost 9 year old daughter who's eating habits have slowly gotten worse..."

Seeking "Refresher" Class for Second Time Parents. Also Maybe Seeking a Doula?

There are a million, and refresher classes are plentiful. Congrats! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Brushing a Wiggly Baby's Teeth

I can hold him for such a short time that I feel like I'm may not be brushing thoroughly enough. I look forward to your suggestions. Thanks a million! ...

2ND Birthday Ideas

We did the whole...a million people, big 1st party and I really would like to stay away from that this year. Just close friends and family. ...

Need Elmo or Sesame Street Cake

They have a million themes to chose from - my daughter got a tinkerbell cake - she got a chocholate cake and it was delicious and very well done - it was, ...

PhD Gift Suggestions?

I would suggest a book card from Barnes and Noble or Books A Million or one of the other large chains. Next suggestion is a gift card to a Spa. ...

Looking for a Great Bra

A good bra is worth a million dollars to me. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. T.F. answers from Dallas on March 31, 2008 ...

Bottle Weaning

Dec 25, 2009 ... My son is now 6 and I remember trying a million different sippy cups until I found one that he liked. With my daughter (who was 18 months ...

2 Yr Old W/ Milk Intolerance Suddenly Also Intolerant to Soy???

He would be up a million times every night with gas and gas pain. At 18 months I weaned him from breast feeding and put him on soy milk. ...
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  • gift certificate for a massage in 2 answers "I suggest a nice gift certificate for a massage!"
  • baby in roscoe village in 2 answers "Also, Be By Baby in Roscoe Village offers this type of class."
  • part of the brat diet in 2 answers "At least Rice milk is from rice, which is part of the BRAT diet!"
  • brush his teeth in 3 answers "... him on the floor and tickles him and blows raspberries while I brush his teeth."
  • had the stomach flu in 2 answers "My daughter at 18 months had the stomach flu and everytime I gave her milk she got ..."