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Swimming Season

M.O. asks from Kansas City

As the swimming season is upon us I am having to shave my bikini area more often. However, the more frequent the more razor rash I get. Does anyone have any suggest...


Has Any Other Man Been like This?

C.W. asks from Kansas City

My husband didn't want to have a third child when we found out I was pregnant.I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a father of a child not wanting to help o...


Do Your Hubby Ignore You During Football Season?

L.G. asks from Atlanta

Men love 2 things..football and steak. lol. That time of year is rolling around FOOTBALL SEASON. When its football season, its like I dont exist. My hubby walk in fro...


Beach in the Off-season

E.S. asks from New York

My husband surprised me with an off-season beach getaway, our first overnight outing with our daughter in tow. I thought this was very sweet but the sad thing is I wo...


How Did Your Man Pop the Question?

R.D. asks from Richmond

Apparently, I've got weddings on the brain, and I've NEVER been that girl. I think it's because my cousin is getting married in August, and my little brother is getti...


Football Season Is Here- Arg

J.S. asks from San Francisco

My husband is a big football fan, and since since his team is from the East Coast, he has to go to a bar or restaurant to watch the game.He is a grad student and I wo...


Are You Married to the Man Who Proposed to You?

A.M. asks from Eau Claire

So when my now Hubby and I were dating he was a totally different person then he is now. We loved spending time together and surprising each other. He would leave m...


Little Man Just Won't Grow

A.K. asks from Youngstown

My youngest will be a year old tomorrow, however, he hasn't grown in the past nine months. His head is growing therefore his brain is growing and he is properly devel...


Sports or Sex for Your Man? (Different Question)

P.S. asks from Houston

If your man had to chose, would he rather watch his most favorite team in a championship game OR have spend a whole night having sex (with you of course!)? I know ...


Thank You Gift Ideas for a Cranky but Generous Man?

T.K. asks from Dallas

I'm stumped on this one. My boss is a gruff old Texan. His 40 yr old son has an abrubt, gruff personality as well. After spending 3 minutes with him you are left...

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