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Jealous Step-Daughter HELP!!

You put yourself in a situation that I believe was the wrong one... but then again we are all humans, live and learn.. You fell in love with a man that has ...

Need Impartial Advice Badly: to Get a Divorce or Stay Married. Please Help.

I would have to ask whether or not you still love this man. If you do, keep at it with the counseling. Has anyone suggested hypnosis? If you don't have any ...

I Think I'm in Love with Two Men

That isn't love! You say your kids like him? What kind of image do you think you are presenting to them? If you stop seeing the other man and determine that ...

Wedding Planning Stress

Don't let the planning become more important than the prize, you get to marry the man you love and that is what really matters. I would suggest writting a ...

How to Deal with a Winey 4 Year Old "Step" Daughter?

Sep 2, 2009 ... Do you love this man and want to spend the rest of your life with him? It concerns me to read "so much invested" which is not the right ...

Need Support

And when you call even if your son says nothing tell him you are so glad you have a son you love him you know in your heart he is a wonderful man and you ...

In Love at 12 Years Old?

In fact, he even claims to be "in love" with one right now. ... But, I tell him all the time you will be a MAN longer than you will be a BOY. ...

How Long to Dry up Breast Milk and How to Do It.

When I had my baby girl my sister told me I wouldn't know love until I had a baby. She was so right. You can't express it in words and you can't love a man ...

9 Year Old Step Daughter

Nov 9, 2009 ... You called your husbands little girl "snobby" what does that say about you?If you love this man, how can you not love his baby girl? ...

Do You LOVE Your Dentist?

Do You LOVE Your Dentist? Hello All, I was looking for a pediatrician, but then I read some previous .... A dedicated family man too. FLoss :D. Helpful? ...
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