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4 Year Old Reading

It's totally free, it works beautifully even if you only have dialup, and kids LOVE it! There are stories, songs, games, and even little movies. ...

How to Teach My 4 Year Old to Read

Children love stories...just do as much as you can with the printed word: Have her dictate letters and stories that you write for her; give her the books on ...

Needing New Advice on Preparing Toddler for a New Baby on the Way!

Write a love story for your child...how much you love your husband...your son... how WONDERFUL SHE IS TO YOU...write about what you like about her, ...

Anyone Know Good Books for 12Month Old

They would start w/ the basic books and by age 3, the story books had cute ... he will later. i love "The golden books" ones because i had them when i was ...

Christmas Songs

they have Christmas stories and songs too. My neices and nepews love these stories and songs. What a wonderful way to teach our children as when they set by ...

IUD Stories?

I think people always feel compelled to share horor stories. ... I love the IUD because I do not have to remember to take a pill around the same time ...

Ideas for a Preschool Schedule

Children love stories with rhyming words and nursery rhymes. Read to your child everyday. Take him/her to the library to choose books. Sing songs together. ...

Christmas Wedding

They offer some very creatively reception ideas like a love story and special audio recordings and a host of other ideas that I've not seen at other ...

Child That Argues

I am a love and logic mom and facilitator, I don't really recommend quick ... stories, you can even contact your sons school to see if love and logic is ...

My 5 Year Old Makes up Stories That Could Get Us in Trouble. What Do I Do?

Then we have to talk about how it's great to tell stories, and people will love to hear them, but it's always good to know if they are for real or not. ...
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