a in organic chemistry

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Organic Recipes

A.W. asks from Dallas

Hey mamas! I have recently switched my family to eating basically everything organic and am looking for some healthier recipes! I love cooking and have tons of great ...


Organic Milk Vs. Non-organic Milk

J.H. asks from Houston

What are your views on using organic milk (and other organic products)? We have recently switched to organic upon hearing stories that additives to milk can lead to ...


Looking for Affordable Organic Skin Car/hair Care/make-up

J.R. asks from Denver

Hi there! I am writing to all you wonderful women out there that might be able to help me. I recently started looking into the ingredients found in a lot of skin care...


Organic Make up That Looks Good, WITHOUT SOY PRODUCT!

J.S. asks from Seattle

* I'M LOOKING FOR A NON SOY PRODUCT** I love maybeline mineral make up.. but i'm starting to become a label junkie..lol so i was looking at my blush from cover g...


Seeking Recommendations for All-natural, Organic Baby Products

G.S. asks from San Francisco

I have just begun reading Gorgeously Green and was APPALLED over the label-reading I have done on the baby products in my home. I can't believe my beloved Cetaphil c...


Deodorant-what Do You Use?

K.B. asks from Salt Lake City

So, I think my body chemistry is changing. What used to work doesn't seem to work as well anymore and there are so many selections of deodorant. I also would like...


Wheat/Gluten Allergy - Baking Advice

L.G. asks from Seattle

My grandson, who is seven, has been diagnosed to be allergic to wheat/gluten products. I am trying to bake gluten/wheat-free things for him that he can eat and enjoy...


Going for RN....possible to NP

T.S. asks from Lima

Hello ladies. I need some help with some advice and basically I want you to tell me the truth. It may not be what I want to hear, but I need to know. I have 3 kids...


Can someone suggest a healthy cake recipes for a 1 year old?

G.G. asks from Santa Barbara

I am very annal about trying to feed my son raw organic good foods. He is turning 1 years old next weekend and I am searching for a healthy cake, treat for his birthd...


Early Morning or Overnight Job

M.C. asks from Dallas

Hello Mom's, This may seem like an odd request or question, but I am looking for a job early mornings, maybe like 4am - 8am (no later) or even a part-time overnigh...

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  • bobs red mill makes in 2 answers "Also: Bob's Red Mill makes a gluten free pancake mix that our family likes."
  • cups brown rice flour in 2 answers "... Ingredients: 1½ cups brown rice flour ..."
  • teaspoons xanthan gum in 2 answers "... milk powder (dairy-free: 2/3 cup ground almond meal) 3 teaspoons xanthan gum ..."
  • brown rice flour cup in 2 answers "... Ingredients: 1½ cups brown rice flour ½ cup ..."