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Play Group

A.C. asks from Cleveland

I live in Uniontown and I am interested in joining a play group or mom's group with my 10 month old daughter. Do you know of any in the area that meet bi-weekly or on...


Won't Play with Their Toys

A.O. asks from Dallas

my two and three yr old's won't play with their toys. they go to daycare during the day and when we get home in the evening they stay at my feet while i cook dinner a...


Play Date or No Play Date?

C.L. asks from Minneapolis

It seems like I have been asking a lot of questions here lately, but the responses have been helpful so here's another one. A new student in my 2nd grade son's class...


Play Date?

M.H. asks from New York

I really never had a playdate. What exaclty do you do? My son met a little girl from another class yesterday. (Pre-K) The teacher gave me a note that the parent had l...


Kindergartners and Play

S.T. asks from Washington DC

i came across this article which articulates my concerns about the direction we're taking our kids. even the push to start 'em reading young concerned me when it real...


Play Dates

J.M. asks from Toledo

I just scheduled a play date. Another mom who i also would like to do a play date with just reached out to me. I am very busy and the best solution i can think of is ...


Mommy Doesn't Play

K.R. asks from Sherman

I am feeling bad today. guilty i guess. I kiss boos, i feed healthy food, i teach, i discipline.i snuggle. i even come up with occasional art projects. ... but ...


Toddler Play

L.S. asks from Lewiston

My almost 17 month old daughter basically spends her days playing with diapers, washcloths, plastic containers, and reading books. She very rarely plays with her toy...


Pack and Play

S.C. asks from Chicago

We are going on vacation and my 2 year old son will be sleeping in a pack and play. What can I do to make it more comfortable? We are renting a house for a week ( whe...


Todder Play

S.M. asks from Columbus

My daugther is 15 months. She will play with me periodically, but most of the time I show her something. she does it once. and then is onto something else. I feel g...

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