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Circumcision...to Cut or Not to Cut? That Is the Question.......

S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh

I got into a very interesting conversation with my Doctor the other day. I asked him to comment on circumcision and he actually stated that it is better to have a Moy...


Good Hair Stylest for Highlights and Cut in Gilbert

K.W. asks from Phoenix

I am looking for a place close by that is not to costly to get my hair highlighted(T-weave) and cut


Looking for Someone to Do a "Stack" Cut to the Back of My Hair

D.H. asks from Dallas

I have just above the shoulder hair and really want to get the back of my hair cut so that it stacks on top of itself with the front of my hair being longer than the ...


Cut and Color

S.B. asks from Dallas

Looking for a new hair stylist to do an a-line bob and blonde highlights to dark brown hair. Wanting to pay 80-100. Name and if possible number of suggestions in th...


Should I Cut My Hours?

T.L. asks from Los Angeles

Okay, my son just started kindergarten at a great school. The problem is, although there is child care until 6, few kids are there at that time except my son the tea...


Hair Cut!!!

E.C. asks from Pittsburgh

I recently moved to the Mount Pleasant area and am stuck on where I should go to get my hair done. I went to one stylist in downtown Mount Pleasant and she totally r...


Cut and Color

S.H. asks from Dallas

I am looking for a reasonably priced salon to get my hair done. I am a single mom and don't have tons of money but would like to look nice and maybe some highlights.....


When to Cut Out the Bottle?

D.K. asks from Cleveland

Hello Again All, My daughter will be 14 months old next week and I was wondering when is a good time to get rid of the bottle. She drinks out of a sippy cop most of...


Debating on Whether to Cut Son's Hair

K.P. asks from Tulsa

My son is 16 months old and has never had a hair cut. He has somewhat thin, curly hair (not sure where the curls came from). I am debating on whether I should cut h...


Where to Get My 9Mo Old Son's Hair Cut?

S.C. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a place in the Frisco area to get my baby boy's hair cut. He's 9 months old and has grown quite a lot of hair alre...

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