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Fun Christmas Traditions and Recipes

Does anyone have a good Christmas morning breakfast recipe. ... It is important that we spend time together . Last year we adopted a family in need with the ...

Help with Christmas!

Another thing you might think about is giving back at Christmas time ... I was thinking that if you were not together that maybe you can get child support. ...

Anyone Have a Special Christmas Book or Tradition They Would like to Share?

(We've already started the Christmas hot cocoa, fudge, and books/movies! Lol. My personal family tradition is decorating the tree together with hot apple ...

We Want to Get the Kids a Puppy for Christmas!!!!

Puppies and kids go together, but not at Christmas!! Get all the puppies things together and get the puppy after the holidays when things cool down. ...

Help! I Need Homemade Gift Ideas and Christmas Ornament/Craft Ideas

Dec 12, 2009 ... You can also glue three popsicle sticks together in the form of a triangle and take Christmas cards (I save my old ones) and place the ...

What to Do About Unfair, Unequal Treatment of Siblings Around the Holidays.

Despite trying for years to have a family xmas, this was the first year we all shared a Christmas meal and quality time together on Christams day. ...

Need Ideas for Extremely Cheap Presents for Family

Dec 6, 2009 ... Really Christmas should be about getting together with your family and having fun. It has become way to commercialized. For your own kids, ...

First Christmas Ideas

She was born 3 days before Christmas in 2004. So many of her baby newborn pics she's wearing that hat. If you can't crochet, you can always put one together ...

Struggling with Seperating Bday from Xmas

Nov 17, 2009 ... Our parents usually send Christmas and Birthday gifts together to save on shipping but the kids do not get to open Christmas until the day. ...

Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults

I need an easy Christmas Craft. My friends and I get together every year at this time and and we spend a D. crafting. How it works is we each bring an..."
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