a christmas do over

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How Do I Ask the Woman That I Nanny for for a Raise?

Nov 24, 2009 ... But I Do buy the kids Christmas and b-day gifts and such. And I just fee like my husband puts it...being walked all over by her. Any input. ...

Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults

Kathy Cano-Murillo is the Crafty chica who has tons of fun crafts to do. I just looked up her christmas season crafts and there were over 50 of them check ...

Christmas Gifts for a 3 Year Old

Something to think about for the future, your daughter is getting old enough to remember this Christmas next year. So my suggestion is to not over-do it. ...

Any Suggestions for Homemade Christmas Gifts for Family?

The total cost for 9 calendars was just over $100 -- I scored a great deal with Shutterfly and made them .... Low Cost/ Do It Yourself Christmas Gift Ideas ...

What to Do About Unfair, Unequal Treatment of Siblings Around the Holidays.

This year he came alone to my house for Christmas but still doesn't get it that he leaves here to be with the family he chose over his own family. ...

Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees

We are looking for ideas for a Christmas gift for his employees. ... are interested in taking a closer look because I definately cannot do them justice over ...

Ideas for Christmas Celebration with Great-grandmother

Read all 8 responses: "My MIL has ALWAYS hosted a very formal Christmas Eve dinner ... the visits out over the entire Christmas Eve day and possibly even Christmas? ... What we would do for big family gatherings we would take him out of ...

Christmas Party Activities for Kindergarten

Read all 21 responses: "I am in charge of planning the Christmas party for my ... This is fun and easy to do for little ones! Sometimes crafts we think are easy .... then move over and have glitter, glue, markers and stuff for them to ...

Christmas Presents for Family

Wrap pen and flower with florist tape to nearly the end go over a couple times to get a secure hold ... We do the same thing on the Sunday before Christmas. ...

Picking Names for Christmas Gift Giving, First Time, Don't Have a Clue

There is always over 40 people at our Christmas get together. Not everyone has a lot of money so we do drawings too. Everyone 17 and under get placed in the ...
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  • bean bag toss game in 2 answers "... cookie decorating table, pin the nose on the snowman, bean bag toss game ..."
  • pin the nose on the snowman in 2 answers "... included a Christmas cookie decorating table, pin the nose on the snowman ..."
  • chocolate covered pretzels in 2 answers "candy, cookies, chocolate covered pretzels Cookie, muffin mixes in jars."
  • hot glue gun in 2 answers "... for the nose - red if you want Rudolph - brown for the other guys - hot glue gun ..."
  • dont have to pay daycare costs in 2 answers "... your doing what you like,for someone you like,you dont have to pay daycare costs ..."