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Anger Issues

Only you can search your own heart and mind and if you are a Christian you ..... other areas first can make the medications just be like using a band-aid. ...

Have Two, Husband Wants to Try Again

That being said, I am a Christian, and believe God will provide in the darkest ... She plans on joining the Army Reserve Band in the U.S. for the next three ...

3 Month Old with Flat Spot on Head

P.S. And if you're a Christian, don't forget to pray! Helpful? .... free scan · doc band sticker · mega life · mega health insurance · Kathy Smith ...

Discipline Teenage Son

... band,football,church going,ect.the youth today have many choices they have to ...... I also recently read a christian/psychologist based book called ...

Need a New Curch Home in Keller with Lots of Babies

Instead of organ/piano, there's a praise band but they do a mix of hymns and .... Hi M., I go to Christian Faith Fellowship and we are just nirth of Keller ...

What Is "Normal" 7-Year-old Boy Friendship??

Aug 31, 2009 ... When I switched her to a Christian school, that helped a little bit .... Maybe he'll be a band geek. My point is, he'll be what he is and ...

Unexpected Pregnancy - Found Out on the Day of Hubby's Vasectomy

It is worth sitting through the band recitals and gymnastics classes on ...... I don't know you or what you believe, but I'm a Christian and know that EVERY ...

Appropriate Top 40/Pop Songs for Kids' iPods

Oct 1, 2009 ... When it comes to rock, I prefer to go back to the classics or country or Christian. ... The Brian Waite Band- Your Room's A Mess ...

Am I Being Overly Concerned? My Daughter's 1St Grade Teacher Has Visible Tatoo

What if you are Christian your child's teacher was wearing a Star of David ...... Then I found out her husband is the front man for a heavy metal rock band ! ...

POLL: Age to Leave a Child at Home Without Sitter?

She cut her foot - needed a band-aid but no stitches - Unfortunately, she panicked ... He sneered at our desire for prayer, criticized our Christian faith , ...
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