a cholesteatoma

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Adenoidectomy and Tube Surgery. I Don't Think We Should Do Both.

D.D. asks from Phoenix

Background: My daughter went to the audiologist and stated that she has great hearing range. Her right ear is muffled. They sent me to the ENT for recommendations f...


Seeking Good Ear/Nose/Throat Doc

E.F. asks from St. Louis

My 12 month old is on his fifth ear infection in as many months. His pediatrician has recommended taking him to an ENT specialist for possible tubes. The pediatrici...


Seeking Great ENT

M.B. asks from Chicago

i was just recently diagnosed with 2 large nodules on my thyroid gland which need to be biopsied. Does anyone know of a terrific ENT in the St. Charles/Elgin area? ...


Ear Infection Problem Again?

V.M. asks from Erie

my 6 yo had an ear infection it didn't clear up, she was treated with a second round of stronger anti biotics, she finished that a week ago and tonight at bedtime sa...


Question About Ear Tubes

M.G. asks from Houston

My 18 month old son got tubes in his ears in February and there is fluid constantly draining out of both of them, even when he has no other symptoms. The drainage is...


Bilateral Tympanoplasty

B.P. asks from Chicago

My 4 year old had tubes put in at 9 months old. After the tubes fell out, the holes in her eardrum never closed. She has recently started having some hearing proble...


2 Year Old Going Under Anesthesia Thursday

S.S. asks from Tulsa

on Thursday hecwill be having dental work done a root canal and a filling will be going under anesthesia I am freaking flipping out as Thursday approaches the dr dent...


Listening Ears?

L.C. asks from Portland

My 4.5 year old daughter just doesn’t listen half of the time. It seems that she is often in her own world and just doesn’t care what I/we say to her. She is a ve...


Son Misbehaves When Dad's Not Home

B.W. asks from Eugene

My husband was injured while in iraq, so he has had to undergo some surgerys and has spent the last year here at home. My 2 year old son is a perfect angel when he is...


Ear Infections...Tubes or the Chiropractor

N.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hi! My son is 2 1/2. He has been plagued with chronic ear infections his whole life. At 14 months he had tubes placed in his ears in hopes of decreasing the infect...

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