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(Brain Freeze) If you feel she can suck on a full pop with biting off a piece big enough for her to choke on try it that way. I know how you feel. ...

Watermelon for Baby?

I gave my daughter slices of watermelon, so that if it broke off it would not choke her. She loved it and it is healthy. Believe it or not, I gave my babies ...

What Do I Feed My 12 Month Old?

My little ones were both eating reguler food by 12 months I just didn't give them things that might choke them like tough meats, hotdogs, peanuts, ...

Choking/coughing While Eating

Read all 15 responses: "My 9 week old daughter Mia chokes/coughs almost every time she eats. I only breast fed for the first 2 weeks, then I stopped ...

When to Start Tablefoods?

You have to watch them, they will choke a little because it is new. ... I was always affraid that she was going to choke, but she never did. ...

How to discipline toddler who hurt a cat?

Even at 4 she might not really know what "choke" means. ... I say this because my toddler says choke when she carries the cat around the middle. ...

Seeeking Food Suggestions for My 8 Month Old

My daughter seems to mash whatever I give her with her gums (of course they are small enough not to choke). The puffs are in the baby section, and they too ...

13 Month Old Gagging on Table Food

He rarely chokes, and if he does, he doesn't throw up. ... I have a friend who's son used to choke on his food too, but he never choked on his bottle either ...

What's in His Throat?

It has made me choke when I eat. I don't feel all that bad but I have these coughing ... The more he chokes and more you squeek. His daycare person/people, ...

I Need Help with Holiday Shopping

If the pieces are too big for her to choke on, and sturdy enough that she can't eat them, then watch her, but don't worry too much. If she really like it, ...
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