a child with dyslexia

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Switching Letters and Numbers

Create, capture your child's Memories in Timeline .... Dyslexia has other symptoms and he would not be able to read or do math well. ...

Seeking Help with Reading for My 6 Year Old Daughter

My 4th grade child still struggles with the decoding part of reading...he .... About the dyslexia... my husband is dyslexic and I have talked to him so many ...

Rights for ADHD Child

I'm in New Jersey, and our school system has a Child Study Team (with .... my son has dyslexia and he attends catholic school. the only thing that "kind of" ...

What Testing Are Public School Required to Do??

Don't sit there and let teachers put a label on your child let the doctor do it, but, it is ok to have them checked out We did find out my son has Dyslexia ...

Seeking Advice for an "Active" Child

I don't want him to think that he is a bad child because he does not follow .... No medication will change dyslexia. Still to this day, we give him one step ...

Can Anyone Recommend a Child Psychologist or Behaviorist for My 3 Year Old Son?

You most likely will need a child psychiatrist to do a complete assessment and get a clear ... Through the school system he was diagnosed with Dyslexia. ...

8Th Grade ADHD/LD Student in Need of Help

Sep 17, 2009 ... Create, capture your child's Memories in Timeline ... math) They also have a Dyslexia Lab where the child would come for a 2 year program. ...

Anyone Have a Child like Mine

I have never met a child like him and he seems to have a unique mix of the ..... then she decided it was dyslexia, she seemed to be looking for an excuse to ...

Support from Other Moms with a Child Who Has Sig. Disabilities/medical Needs

ADD / ADHD · Autism Spectrum · Dyslexia ... Just wandering if anyone else is dealing with a child who has a lot of disabilities/medical needs. ...

How to Deal with a Child with Behavioral & Learning Issues

He's not that other child and never will be. But I'm sure your son has great .... Just to tell you alittle about me I have a 8 year old with dyslexia...her ...
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