a child with autism

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My 2 Yr Old Daugther Is Not Talking

When a child has autism is it not determined by if she is playful or not. ...... First of all Autism is not something a child is born with. ...

Child Proofing Home - What Is a Good Website for Products?

I have never dealt with a child with Autism, but I worked with adults with MR/DD . This is some of the things we did. Remove things he can harm himself with ...

Anyone Have a Child with Asperger's?

I have a child on the spectrum (moderate autism) and finding a doctor who "gets it" is hard. Your friend should find a Developmental Pediatrician who can ...

7-Yr Old Son with Autism

Our pediatrician has an autistic child. She has been a source of a lot of information for ... I too am the parent of a high functioning child with autism, ...

Lovejoy School District/autism Child

Read all 6 responses: "Hi, does anyone else have an autistic grade schooler in the Lovejoy school disctrict that can give me their opinions on how the ...

Any Mom's of Speech Delayed Kids? or Autism?

My then doctor told me that my child was autistic 5 minutes in thh room with him and that was her diagnosis. I changed doctors. So 5 months later, ...

Having My Child Play with a Child Who May Be Autistic

Read all 7 responses: "My toddler is so far developing normally. I have a friend , who found out from her child's pediatrician that her child has some ...

Information Needed on Autism

I had never really seen an autistic child at that point. Now, I have an ex- boyfriend who's brother is autistic...and then he's also epileptic, ...

Child with Adhd

I know of a great nutritionist who will help you over the phone with information to help your child or any child with autism or ADHD ... she's had great ...

MMR Vaccine + Autism

My husband is a nurse and he says there is no proven link to Autism by MMR. People notice their child has Autism right around the same time they get their ...
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