a child of six could do it

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Difficult 6 Month Old

My six year old was and still is the child every parent wishes for. ... Now my youngest, she was a very very (I could put a lot of that word here lol) difficult child. .... My son is not a bad child and can do so many wonderful things. ...

How Do I Keep My Child from Wetting the Bed at Night?

Hi, I have a six yr old boy who still wears pull ups at night and yes he does .... Also if your house is dark in the hallways your child could ber scared to ...

Anyone Have a Young Child Needing Sinus Surgery?

Jan 5, 2010 ... Has anyone out there had sinus surgery done on a child in this age group? .... And it took the whole office to hold him so we could do it. ...

CPS Won't Let You Delay Enrollement If Your Child Has a Birthdate Before Sept.1

CPS can't dictate what you do with your child. I was a CPS teacher (mind you, ... My sister could.. and she recomends that you ask about Montisorie ( not ...

Fever for 6 Days?

My son ran 105 degree fevers from teething....the fever could be making her not hungry ... child cannot keep fluids down and thus becomes dehydrated much faster . ... Kids to have a higher fever than we do, so even though it sounds bad, ...

Leg Pain in 6 Year Old

I'm 41 years old and at the time all my mother could do is give me motrin (or ... I was always told that you should check outthat leg pain if the child can ...

Ideas to Make Surgery Experience Pleasant for 6 Year Old

Sep 26, 2009 ... Maybe there's something out of the ordinary you could do to excite and surprise ... Check to see if your hospital has a Child LIfe Dept. ...

6 Months Pregnant-pain in Pelvis Area

I am about 6 months pregnant with my second child (my first is 7) and I am 35 this ... For me, it was in my lower abdomen, so there was nothing I could do. ...

Has Anybody Ever Had a Child Get a Root Canal on a Baby Tooth.

Six months later he went back to the dentist and he said he needed to pull .... my son had a baby tooth the same way, the dentist wanted to do a root canal ... 5 or6 and his pediatric dentist said they could do a root canal but that it ...

Party Favor for 6 Year Old Birthday Party

Or you could do a beach pail for each kid with some snacks from Costco in .... with his favorite songs and gave every child a copy in a colorful jewel case. ...
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  • just had her tonsils and adenoids in 2 answers "My neice just had her tonsils and adenoids out this last year at six years of age."
  • whole surgical team in 2 answers "... an I SPY book that she held open for my son to look at. The whole surgical team ..."
  • ligaments stretching in 3 answers "Hi H., Most likely it is just your pelvic ligaments stretching."
  • said it was growing pains in 2 answers "... child and my mom didn't listen to the doctor when they said it was growing pains ..."
  • make him go pee in 2 answers "... 1/2 before he goes to bed then right before you put him to bed make him go pee ..."