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What Age Should a Child Recognize Letters and Numbers??

Create, capture your child's Memories in Timeline ..... but by the time they are 4 they usually are pretty close because that is what our Pre-K 3 Class ...

Need Advice About Holding a Child Back in First Grade

I'm looking for advice/experience in having a child repeat a grade. In our case, we're considering whether to have our son repeat first grade. ...

Husband Doesnt Want Another Child

are you religious? the adding-a-child-to-our-family has always been a matter of prayer for us, and we trust that God will help us be ready when it is time. ...

Seeking Moms That May Have a Child with Reactive Attachment Disorder.

This can feel quite disrespectful and a small child can feel helpless which can lead to other problems. What I have found is that by slowing down in our ...

How Can I Teach a Child/adult to Be Less Selfish and Lazy????

Dec 11, 2009 ... Yes, it's family meeting time. Set some rules and put the expectations on the table. Need to now. Or things can end up like our neighbors. ...

Should I Notify the Father of My Child When I Deliver Our Baby?

If I were you I would contact him one more time and tell him, I need to know now , are you going to be in our child's life voluntarily or not? ...

Trouble Conceiving Our Second Child

We had NO trouble conceiving our son at all! Thank you ... I bet that's how it happened the first time right? My third child (who is now 4 months old) came ...

Toothpaste! Teaching a Child to Spit...

As others mentioned, when we first started, he would spit at times other than ... the lack of flouride exposed to our children (filtered water contains no ...

Imput on Child Id Cards

With regards to one of our children wandering off at times, ... name and who to contact (including cell phone numbers) should someone find our child. ...

Teaching a Child How to Ride a Bike

There is a point where we put these kids in God's hands and live our lives, ... didn't take much time at all since they had the sense of how to balance, ...
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  • reactive attachment disorder in 3 answers "However I am social worker and know about Reactive Attachment Disorder, also known ..."
  • him when you go into labor in 3 answers "I would definitely notify him when you go into labor, that way he has no excuse and ..."
  • send him a birth announcement in 2 answers "... think its his, I would still take the high road -- send him a birth announcement ..."
  • basal body temperature in 2 answers "... for about 10 months, but prior to that I was doing the basal body temperature ..."
  • part of your childs life in 2 answers "Let him again know you want him as part of your child's life but if he can't come ..."