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Should We Have a Second Child

My biggest thought when Moms want to have a baby later in life, is leaving that child when their lives are just getting going and they still need us so very ...

Baby with One Kidney

That this child could live with only one kidney. They did talk about putting the baby on antibiotics right away and being examined every several months by a ...

Form Step Parent Bond with Child

A child no matter what there age when the new parent becomes active in their lives, the child will know if that parent thinks of them as their child or not. ...

Loosing a Child

"At least you have another child still living." That doesn't make the loss of antoher child any easier. And the most common one "This will get better" Yes, ...

17 Year Old "Step" Son Wants to Run Away

As long as the child lives in your house, they have to abide by your rules! He is your son, not your friend. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report ...

Custody Laws and Road Trips, and Daughter's Confusion

Now he lives with the girlfriend when he has our daughter, and lives in his ... Here's what I know from my own case: In order to move a child out of state ...

Older Son Living at Home

If he does not want to live like an adult, he is choosing to live like a child.. .he needs chores, a curfew, t.v. restrictions, and a bedtime. ...

Don't Want Another Child, Husband Does

Men don't understand the emotions that we go through having a child. Their lives barely change! My husbAnd still goes out drinking with his friends til all ...

Having One Child

I have 4 children - 10, 4, 3 and 2 years old. Our 10-year-old wishes sometimes that he was an only child because he lives in pre-school land!! Ha ha! ...

My Ex Husband Is Having a Child with His New girlfriend...any Advice?

Create, capture your child's Memories in Timeline .... all because hi father is afraid that if hunter lives with me all the time he may have to pay child ...
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