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Is This Really Normal?

No, that is not normal. Did you ask parents to RSVP? It I don't hear from a parent by a certain date, I call them to verify if their child is coming or not. ...

Place for Used Toys/baby Gear

Once Upon a Child has tons of toys and clothes at good prices. ... There are a lot of resale events coming up and I would recommend trying them first. ...

Giving a Warning Before Discipline

(COnnecting with where your child is coming from.) C - Communicate the Limit " Your brother is not for hitting." T - Target an alernative action (CHOICE) ...

Husband with Issues About Being to Old to Have Another Baby.

over the fact that this child is coming no matter how you feel but he is somewhat embaressed because he thinks we are too old to be having ...

My 7Th Grader Is Sliding by in Math and Doesn't Want Extra Help

She reasoned that if the child is coming up with the wrong answers all the time, it helps to see the steps so the teacher can see where the kid is going ...

Adoption of New Born or Infant

Adopt an older child, they need homes too. Go to an adoptions center and ask them about adopting a child that doesn't have any parents that will be coming ...


That way you can compare the risks of your child even coming into contact with these "diseases" versus the risk of a reaction from the vaccine. ...

Does Anyone RSVP a Birthday Party Anymore?

If I were you, I would just sit down and call every one of the parents and politely ask if their child is coming. And make sure you get an answer. ...

HELP....Need Advice Regarding a Family I Provide Care To.

We were expecting our third child, but were on high risk due to the devastating. ... that is where her aggressive behavior towards my child is coming from. ...

Signs We Should Change Daycare

It is wrong that your child is coming home bit and you get the reports days later. You should not be made to feel that you arent being listened to and taken ...
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  • kid to kid and once upon a child in 2 answers "I highly recommend Kid to Kid and Once Upon A Child, both in the Dallas area."
  • benefits outweigh the risks in 2 answers "... risks facing children who are'nt vaccinated! The benefits outweigh the risks."
  • coming home with bite marks in 2 answers "And because a baby is coming home with bite marks, notify social services."
  • do your own research in 3 answers "I would recommend that you keep asking questions, do your own research and decide ..."
  • mid life crisis in 2 answers "just takes a little time to sink in....I also think men have a mid life crisis, hard ..."