a child is adopted

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We are open the the sex of the child and also the age of the child. I would love to hear any personal stories from other people who have adopted, ...

Fostering to Adopt

Two, have lots of conversations with your bio child. And lastly, be open and honest with your adopted child about how they came into your family. ...

Birth Order Adoption

Adopted children are sometimes a little behind developmentally so you child and the adopted one will get along just fine, like partners or playmates. ...

Adoption Questions

I haven't adopted a child. However, I am a single parent raising a 16 month old boy. It can be very hard and rewarding at the same time. ...

Step-parent Adoption

My x husband adopted my daughter. I got permission from biological dad. He signed off. This is the easiest and least expensive. AS for child support, ...

Adopting Older Children

If you can't do it as a sacrificial thing no matter the consequences - without expecting him to have the love and loyalty towards you that a child adopted ...


Just because a baby/child is adopted doesn't necessarily mean that it will have problems. What if for some reason you get pregnant and the baby has some ...

Only Child

However, having been an adopted child myself, I have a great respect for those who are able to adopt children, because you could very well be saving ...

My Ex Wants to See My Kid as a Way of Forcing My Husband to Adopt

Her new husband adopted the kids and her ex signed away his rights. She said she's glad she just let go of the child support issue because you can't really ...


My best friend adopted a child and that is the child she was meant to have. I believe that could be true for us too. But, at the same time I don't want to ...
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  • from the foster care system in 2 answers "... I believe the foster to adopt system is different from the foster care system."
  • dead beat dad in 2 answers "I wish my daughters dead beat dad would have signed off all his rights."
  • their parental rights in 2 answers "... the hospital whose birth parents still had to terminate their parental rights."
  • want to pay child support in 2 answers "If he doesn't want to pay child support, then he won't want to pay a lawyer either ..."
  • being a foster parent in 2 answers "... Unfortunately, I had ended up divorced and unable to keep being a foster parent ..."