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Would You Name Baby, Same Name as Pet?

Yes, the child might not mind and may never know, but why take the chance as there is a chance they might end up finding out and end up not liking it. ...

When to Take a Child to the Emergency Room?

Jun 28, 2009 ... Trust yourself...peace of mind is worth a lot to me. ... and I checked Web-MD to see how long a child her age/size can vomit before ...

Question on Adopting a Child?

We absoulutely love being parents and would love to adopt a child into our. ... was disbarred... they birth parent can change their mind after you have paid ...

Does Anyone Else Have a Child with Apraxia of Speech?

... experience with Apraxia of Speech and if you wouldn't mind sharing it with me? I don't know anyone else who has a child with Apraxia and would love to ...

I Am a Child of God!

Oct 27, 2009 ... That behavior is not healthy for you or the child. ... What came to my mind is that you are a beautiful woman, both inside and out. ...

Any Experience with Adopting a Child?

Read all 12 responses: "Does anyone have any experience adopting a child that you ... There is no doubt in my mind, heart, soul that she was intended to be ...

At What Age Should a Child Be Speaking

Not every child develops speech smoothly. Sometimes it occurs in fits and spurts . ... Also, keep in mind that it could be that you don't make him talk. ...

T & A Surgery

this book helps with words to help ease a child's mind when going into surgery or ... Anytime a child goes under it's worrisome and in my case brings a few ...

Your Baby Can Read. Tv

It's a lot of responsibility to read information when a child's mind may not be mature enough to understand it. We all want our children to be successful. ...

Help! 22 Month Girl Not Wanting to Eat Main Meals.

Apr 17, 2009 ... As long as you offer a wide variety of healthy foods you're child will not starve. Also keep in mind portion size. A tablespoon is a serving ...
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