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Pros or Cons to Having a Third Child

If we did have a third child we would have to get a bigger car and we would ..... enjoy having the little one around,they have watched him being born etc. ...

Kindergarten or Not???

Due to him being born so early there may be other issues with education to deal ... Have you talked to your child's preschool teacher. He/She should have a ...

Having a Second Child - Will Have 2 Under 2

I'm thrilled and excited to have a second child (we did plan it, ..... hospital for 12 days after birth due to being born at 36 weeks and breathing issues, ...

My Daughter

I mean other than being sick she is amazing she has had really no other long term issues from being born so early. Respond to Question. What can I do next? ...

Recommend Dentists (Child & Adult) in Savage/Prior Lake/Shakopee Area?

Create, capture your child's Memories in Timeline .... We are actually looking for daycare for our son and daughter (being born in May). ...

Seeking a Location for My Son's 6Th B-day Party That Isn't Chuck E Cheese

That's what totally bites about being born in the winter! Trust me, I know all about ... The birthday child also gets a customized bowling pin(very cute). ...

Being an Only Child

So - being a single child doesn't mean you get it all. ... It helps to read and understand how a first-born or only child works and interacts with others. ...

Adoption of New Born or Infant

I noticed that in your post you listed a new born or infant. ... If being a parent is SO important, why does the child need to be an infant? ...

Indigo Children

I believe my daughter is an Indigo Child and I was wondering if any other moms out ... have started being born since the mid 70's. so this isn't a new term. ...

Seeking Advice on Second Delivery. to VBAC or Not to VBAC

On a personal note, it was an unbelievable experience to watch my child being born via vaginal birth. It was something that I was not able to experience ...
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