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Booster Seat - What Is the Purpose

If your child has a regular vehicle seat belt on and you're in an accident, you risk them getting head, shoulder and spinal injuries because the belt is not ...

Another Child

My doc said it was prob just a fluke and Im ok to have another and Im at the same risk as anyone else. Has anyone or know anyone who had a child early (and ...

Only Child

Why would you risk it all when you've already got a child who needs you??? And there are plenty of advantages to just having one. I was an only child myself ...

I Am 47 Years Old and I Want to Get Pregnant

Nov 9, 2009 ... P., it isn't worth the risk. Why not adopt a small child? There are children who would love to have you as a Mom and you wouldn't have the ...

Lapband surgery...am I Putting Myself at risk..is This Fair as a Parent

Create, capture your child's Memories in Timeline ... I have been reluctant to have this surgery, because of the risk and my responsibility as a parent. ...


She thought it was a combination of factors - including his genetics - and there are tests now you can have done prior to see if your child is at risk. ...

Any Experience with Adopting a Child?

Read all 12 responses: "Does anyone have any experience adopting a child that you would ... Not to scare you, but this is definitely a risk associated with ...

Very Overweight and Pregnant- Is This High Risk? Morning Sickness Help

Very Overweight and Pregnant- Is This High Risk? Morning Sickness Help. I am 6 weeks PG with my second child. While I am really excited, I am concerened ...

Eating Peanut Butter, Honey, Etc... When Breastfeeding

During this time, for children at risk (a child who has developed a food allergy symptom or has a family member with a history of allergies), ...

H1n1 Vaccine at School: Yes or No

Oct 27, 2009 ... I will not put my child at risk of anything if I can prevent it. Though death from swine flu is probably unlikely I am not willing to take ...
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