a chesty cough

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Cough That Wont' Go Away?

H.H. asks from Los Angeles

2 weeks or so ago, I got sick. (normal head cold...runny / stuffy nose, headache, sore throat, etc) Went away in a few days. Well, its been 2 weeks since the main sy...


What ELSE Sounds like Whooping Cough? - UPDATE -

L.L. asks from Rochester

Well, I don't know WHAT my two year old has. First, she's up to date on her vaccinations, so she shouldn't have whooping cough. My oldest child actually had it when...


Has Anyone Gotten the Flu Without a Fever and Just a VERY Bad Cough?

D.H. asks from Dallas

I tested positive for the flu this morning which surprised me because I went in thinking I had bronchitis since I didn't have a fever or body aches. Has anyone gotte...


3 Month Old Girl Has a Bad Cough

R.L. asks from Norfolk

Hey there..my little girl has a cold and she has this cough that just don't want to go away..she has been with this cold for about 3 days now..is there anything that ...


Seeking Advice on Persistent (Chronic?) Cough in Infants

M.S. asks from Washington DC

I am dealing with a situation that is not improving and would like to get some advice from moms with similar problem. I was a stay-home mom until our son turned 4.5 ...



N.J. asks from Los Angeles

Just curious is it common for kiwis to make your tongue and mouth tingle almost burn? I've had them here and there before, but I thought it would be worth it to go a...


My Throat Hurts SO BAD!!

R.D. asks from Richmond

I don't get sick often, so when I do, I'm the biggest baby. Really. (But do I get the day off? NO WAY! You mom's know how it is!) Needless to say, I'm not getting the...


Baby with Lingering Cough/cold Symptoms

B.J. asks from Provo

my 9 month old baby has been sick with cold-like symptoms for about a month now. i don't think it is rsv, because he isn't having trouble breathing, but i am wonderin...


Should I Take Her to the Doc?

S.C. asks from Fort Wayne

My tow year old has this terrible deep chest cough. She coughs all day and all night. She also has a runny nose, yet is stuffy. She does have a slight fever, but noth...


Which Meds to Give a 2Year Old for Flu?

F.S. asks from Portland

Hey there My 2year old has a cough, with fever at nights, a runny nose. only her runny nose started previous monday, i thought it will go away on its own. But its ju...

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  • gargle with warm salt water in 3 answers "... recovering who is there for everyone now? Gargle with warm salt water ..."
  • over the counter meds in 2 answers "... as infants I was always told that they were too young for over the counter meds ..."
  • while the shower runs in 2 answers "I take them in the bathroom room and we sit there while the shower runs."
  • neti pot in 2 answers "... used Mucinex, gargled with salt water, used warm saline and a neti pot ..."
  • heavens sake in 2 answers "For heaven's sake CALL THE DOCTOR!"