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How Much Should Your House Rules Change for Your College Student Coming Home?

My question is how much should my set of rules change for him? ...... Also when he begins to look for a career job after graduation, potential employers ...


I say if it is a change you need go for it. BUT THINK REALLY HARD ABOUT IT. ... Even though my husband's career is very good & "advanced," we still took a ...

My 3Rd Grader Needs Help with Her Money counting....any Suggestions?

Do you have a change jar? My boys(6 & 8)are very comfortable with money but we have always had a change jar that we spend and that the boys can earn from. ...

Daughter Dating Loser Boyfriend!

Big change for me. Your daughter hopefully will come around. .... She is working on her education while she is learning a new career while in the Corps too. ...

Toddler Throwing Toys in Anger

I am a former Speech Pathologist (career change). This worked great for my daughter. Her daycare uses basic sign language for kids this age and it really ...

Work at Home

There's a place for everyone with us - people who just want an extra $500 a month or people who want a complete career change. We have more people in our ...

To Leave Her in or Take Her Out - That Is the Question!

Career · Maternity Leave ... Should we introduce another big change by pulling her out of school, ... Could such a change cause her to regress further? ...

Alternative Teaching Certification

Aug 28, 2009 ... We have families, other career experience, etc. Hope this helps. Good luck! Helpful? .... teaching children · career change ...

Thinking of Going Back to Work

Career · Going Back to Work ... I only work 10 hours a week and the change was still drastic. ... Change your finances. Change your life. Requirements: ...

Where to Buy Husband a Good Suit?

and will be interviewing hoping to make a career change. Up to this point he has always been in a position to wear business casual or even jeans. ...
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  • nothing good ever happens after midnight in 2 answers "... there) for his safety and security. Nothing good ever happens after midnight ..."
  • make his own decisions in 3 answers "... you want to remind him, not make him feel like he can't make his own decisions."
  • let her make her own decisions in 2 answers "If you can just back off, let her make her own decisions (and take the consequences ..."
  • extend the curfew in 4 answers "You might have to extend the curfew by an hour or something but if he is part of the ..."
  • good role model in 2 answers "As he is cheerfully going along with house rules, and being a good role model for ..."