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Seeking Advice on How to Talk with Daughter About Sex

Update with a few more details: I had the basic sex talk with my .... If not you and your husband missed out on a chance to be open with her, together. ...

When to Have First Sex Talk

But, I do think you should talk to her about puberty and the changes her body ..... it in my inbox so that i would have a chance to respond upon my return. ...

Talk to Me About Vacuum Cleaners!

Talk to Me About Vacuum Cleaners! I'm looking into buying a new vacuum. .... When you open the caniser to empty it, everything has a chance to go back onto ...

Concerned That My 4 Yr Old Boy Cant Talk in Full Sentences

Concerned That My 4 Yr Old Boy Cant Talk in Full Sentences ... he just needs alittle time and give him a chance to be around other people. ...

7 Year Old with Stutter

Jan 3, 2010 ... Maybe at dinner or another time, make a rule where each person gets a chance to talk or tell about something without being interrupted by ...

What Is a Reasonable Bedtime for a 4 Year Old?

My husband works 3-11, so he calls at 8pm to talk to me and say hi to the kids. I use to get them in bed at 8pm, but this gives them a chance to talk to dad ...

Want to Join a Gym

If you organize a playdate at a park or something, you'll get a chance to talk to all of hese moms and then you can find out if any of them need to "get ...

Seeking Kind Words and Support While Parenting a 12 Year Old

Share your feelings and your expectations, but do give him a chance to talk. It will be the link for future discussions! :-). Helpful? ...

Help with 5 Year Old Talking Back to Teacher & Parents

We use it as a chance to stop, calm down, and re-evaluate what is going on. So, if my daughter was starting to talk back, I'd try to say as calmly possible, ...

Should I Tell the parent...or Let It Go?

I hope we will get another chance to talk". Also, be ready with a good attribute that her child exhibits so that she does not feel totally attacked. ...
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