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2 Year Old in Gymnastics

J.B. asks from Sacramento

Hi ladies, 1st timer here.. I live in Elk Grove California and am looking for a place to put my 2 year old in Gymnastics.. She is quite the tumbler and loves to climb...


Lasik Anyone?

L.F. asks from Philadelphia

I'm considering getting Lasik eye surgery done and was wondering if any of you have had it done... where you pleased with the results... who was your surgeon... an...


Need Advice from Someone Who's Been There....

C.W. asks from Dallas

Okay, so yesterday my daughters and I were out with my parents. My oldest daughter had her new AVID shirt on so I asked her to take her coat off to nanny and papo co...


Looking for an Affordable Therapist or Maybe Some Good Advice

R.D. asks from Dallas

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 4 years and we have a child together. Our relationship is already strained because he works at night and I go to schoo...


Seeking OBGYN in Chicago

C.Z. asks from Chicago

I am in my 12th week & need a new OBGYN in Chicago, preferably in the city. Any referrals out there? I'm looking for someone who will actually listen to me &/or expl...


Day Trips in Philly Area

J.H. asks from Philadelphia

Hi! The summer is winding down and I'm looking to get some last day trips in. We've done the zoo, aquarium, Dutch Wonderland, Crystal Cave, Crayola Factory, and Wildw...


19 Year Old Niece with Chronic Period

T.W. asks from San Francisco

My niece is 19 years old and for years now has been having chronic periods and incredible pain, she even had to miss her prom because of them. She has been on many bi...



R.M. asks from Dallas

After almost a decade of being married to the only man that I have loved since my teenage, I am at that crossroads in life, where I need to decide between continuing ...

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