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Your Baby Can Read

I want to have opinion regarding Baby Can Read product. The product include DVD and books. Is it alright to give the baby 3 months old watch DVD? ...

HELP!! How to Get Urine Out of My Sofa!!!!

Go to your local Petco and ask for a product called Nature's Miracle it works .... Hi - there is a product sold in pet stores designed for cat urine but I ...

Floride or Not to Floride 6Month Old

And yet they are more than happy to drip a toxic waste byproduct into the water supply, ... I think that's a ridiculous product to have on the shelves. ...

Poisen Ivy Help!

THere is a product called IVY BLOCK that works well for me. ... Several things: First, there is a product/scrub that you purchase in the pharmacy that you ...

Dry Cleaning at Home?

There is a product called Dryel that you can find in the grocery store. ... I use a product called Dryel -- it works in the dryer and does really well. ...

Sunscreen Recommendations for Children

For water play, we use a product line called Blue Lizard. It's an Australian sunscreen that .... Mineral oil is a by product of the crude oil distribution. ...

Emergen-C & Pregnancy

Look for a whole food vitamin C complex product which the body can utilize much better, ... Emergen-C is a great product! I have taken it for over year. ...

Bad Smell

Dec 3, 2009 ... The smell is probably a by-product of microbial growth. Unless you get any dirt off first the smell will come back with time. Helpful? ...

Oil of Olay Regenerist Skin Care Line

Oct 14, 2009 ... I have used the Enfuselle product line and it is totally awesome and ... I haven 't tried this product. I have used several 'big" name lines ...

Skin Discoloration

Mary Kay has a product called Even Complexion Essence. This might do the trick. ... I think Ambi makes a product, over the counter available anywhere. ...
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  • there is a product called ivy block in 2 answers "Hi T., THere is a product called IVY BLOCK that works well for me."
  • uva uvb protection in 2 answers "It's lightweight, oil-free, PABA free, UVA/UVB protection, etc."
  • uva and uvb protection in 2 answers "That is UVA and UVB protection. There were a lot more out on the market last year ..."
  • product called dryel in 2 answers "I use a product called Dryel -- it works in the dryer and does really well."
  • boost your immunity in 2 answers "... nothing beats the good o'l fruits - -tons of fruits will boost your immunity ..."