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Seeking Moms Clubs/groups in Grand Blanc Area

T.L. asks from Detroit

I just moved to Grand Blanc and really want to find a moms club or playgroup to join. My kids love playing with other children, and are not in any type of daycare, so...


Which Ones Where Your Favorite Cartoons When You Were Young?

Y.C. asks from New York

Damn, I am trying to remember all but I am having some trouble, I am not that old!! Funny because very few...maybe just one were actually educational like cartoons n...


3 Month Old Spitting Up

H.T. asks from Peoria

I have a 3 month old who is on Similac Sensitive formula and she eats 6 oz at every feeding and she spits up 1-2 ounces. I have tried to cut back on how much she eats...


My 4, Soon to Be 5, Year Old Expereinces "Accidents."

R.S. asks from Las Vegas

My daughter has had two accidents, pants wetting, in the last two weeks. First time, was while she was at the playground. Second time, was when she was in dance class...


Married and Confused

R.B. asks from Bismarck

I am in desperate need of some advice! I am married with 2 kids, and i am due in november. My problem is, is that i am still in love and have feeling for my ex. Him...


What Did This Man Mean When He Said This?

G.P. asks from San Angelo

Please give me your honest opinion on this conversation that occured between a 69 year old man and a store clerk,possibly in her 30's, while she was working at a smal...


Safe Campsites for Families

L.M. asks from Dallas

We have just started camping as a easy way to have fun and not cost a lot of money. The only problem is that, being new, we don't know anywhere to go. We especially...


PLEASE HELP! Hubby and I Are Desperate!!!!

H.T. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms, This is my 2nd request of this nature....and am hoping for some new strategies as I have tried EVERYTHING with no success :( I am on the verge of tears d...


Kids Refusing to Pick up Toys

T.D. asks from Los Angeles

what do you do to get your kids to pick up their toys? i have taken toys away, picked up with them, made games out of picking up, taken special privilages away, time...


Husband Keep in Contact with Ex Girlfriends Parents

J.K. asks from Anchorage

Okay, so this one is tough for me. One of my really good friends informed me about an issue she has. She has been happily married for 8 years and has two wonderful gi...

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