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Looking for Advice on Credit, Mortgages, Real Estate

And be careful, it is a buyers market, but depending on what you have to spend you could be fighting against investors or people looking to flip properties. ...

Frist Time Homebuyer Information

This is a buyers market rigt now. I would start by calling BOK or some of the bigger institutions, they have a lot of the grant money. ...

Employment Info? in Marietta GA

My husband, myself and my son are all licensed real estate agents in Georgia and due to the economic climate that exists this is definitely a buyers market ...

Moving to Kansas City and Clueless Where to Start Looking

Right now would be a buyers market in this area. Unfortunately, there are several houses that have been forclosed on in the area and there are some that ...

Moving to Brandon Area - Need Advice

I don't have any house hunting advice but you are lucky you are in a buyers market, hopefully you sold your old house easily. I take my kids to Pediatric ...

How Much Do You Pay per Month on Your Mortgage?

This is a BUYER's market right now. You have the ball in your court so you make big gutsy demands... people need to sell their homes. Helpful? ...

Need Real Estate Agent in McKinney

Have fun; as it is a buyers market. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. B.D. answers from Dallas on March 14, 2008 ...

Moving to Mt. Pleasant & Looking for Tips on Shopping, Schools, Subdivisions Etc

Also, there is a great farmer's market downtown on Saturday mornings (my daughter ... great deals in Mt. P as well (especially since it's a buyer's market). ...

Moving up and Out

It is a buyers market. - Can you take some weekends away to be with just your husband and child? - Once you are done with school, will you be needing ...

Builing a Darling Home

Your chances are probably pretty good though seeing how this is a buyers market. They get pretty much whatever they want! Good Luck! ...
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  • just under 6 percent in 2 answers "75K financed/ just under 6% interest/ INCLUDES taxes and insurance escrow......$600 ..."
  • harris teeter in 3 answers "We have Publix, Harris Teeter, Piggly Wiggly, BiLo, Whole Foods, etc..... 5."
  • insurance and property taxes in 2 answers "... at $1550-$1600, INCLUDING your escrow for home insurance and property taxes ..."
  • take it with a grain of salt in 2 answers "Just listen to what your dad says take it with a grain of salt and try to get out ..."