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"Mean" 6 Yr Old - What Would You Do?

My 5 yr old daughter and I have worked hard to get bullying/mean words from a fellow classmate to stop on the bus. This little girl has been harassing my ...

Problem with a Neighbor

Next question: School Bus Stop Problem/property Damage. Explore Mamapedia ... High School Bus Stop RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR WINDOWS ...

8 Year Old That Will Not Ride the Bus

He is probably familar with his neighborhood so if you take him to the bus stop before his first trip he will recognize when to get off. ...

Kindergartner Having a Hard Time

He would be fine getting ready for school (as cooperative as a 5 year old can be anyway) ;o), and walking to the bus stop, but as soon as the bus would come ...

Did I Overreact in Calling the Police? Anything More I Should Do?

I would however, be waiting at that bus stop with her the next day and let him ... If you had to go to the bus stop everyday. Then I would find out where he ...

I'm Embarrassing Her

My son told me the 2nd day of kindergarten (so he had just turned 5) that he's a big kid and big kid's don't have their moms walk them to the bus stop. ...

Help with My 13 Year Old Son

At the bus stop he is bullyed by "popular" 12 to 13 year olds that continue to get away with their actions. I've gone to the school about this,(they made up ...

Friends Child Throwing Fits, Involves Mine Not Giving Him His Way.

There are 5 kids that use our bus stop. Two are mine and then each of the others ... The child got to the bus stop first, stood in line, and stayed there. ...

Too Attached to Blanky

Sep 23, 2009 ... She takes it to school, but at the bus stop it goes in her backpack, unless she is having a tough morning (then it goes in the backpack ...

A Major Issue on the School Bus

She said that he didnt stop at all, just saw the lights start flashing and went through, then they heard the arm hit the bus. I called the school Monday ...
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