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Child Cries on Days He Has Daycare After School

3 days a week he takes a bus to his daycare and he eats a lunch they ... home with me after his school and we have been having a blast doing our own thing. ...

Another Child or Not?

We felt close enough to our sibling to be able to play together when it was just the two of us, yet being two years apart we also had our own group of ...

Kindergartener Not Wanting to Go to School!

She rides the bus, and suddenly didn't want to. We had a bus monitor on ... Now, since it suddenly was so hard for her, we have made our own Fun Fridays! ...

A Major Issue on the School Bus

Add your own comment; Ask your own question; Join the Mamapedia community ... There are enough dangers our kids face in this day and age and if there are some .... Take your child off that bus, and NEVER let her drive with that driver. ...

Special Needs Son Getting Picked On...

There is a natural tendency for mothers (because we have an instinct to protect) to guard our own children and demonize the bully and his family in these ...

Car Seat on Plane?

We took the seats b/c we were renting a car and thought it would be safer and cheaper for us to use our own carseats while we were there. ...

Disney (For Example) Babies on Buses Without Carseat?????

We simply held her on our laps on the bus like all of the other parents with ... I would have wanted to bring the carseat on the plane and buy their own ...

Need Vacation Ideas for Us and Our 1 Year Old

Add your own comment; Ask your own question; Join the Mamapedia community ... Also, apparently you can take a bus from there to a border town in Mexico that you only need a ... We recieved the passport for our children within 1 month. ...

2012 Prediction Has Me Worried

Anyone of us could be hit by a bus tomorrow - you can't let the fear ..... He knew us as we grew in our own mothers' wombs, he knows the exact number of ...

Am I Doing the Right Thing.

Sometimes we do need to make our mistakes, and learn from them by ourselves. If you keep rescuing your daughter, she won't learn to stand on her own two ...
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  • can also press charges in 2 answers "... school to do something will make mom deal with him. You can also press charges ..."
  • let her make her own mistakes in 2 answers "G., it sounds to me like you need to let her make her own mistakes and pray really ..."
  • mayan calendar in 4 answers "... I'm going to..." He said, which this is all a result of the "Mayan Calendar""
  • buses and subways in 2 answers "Babies ride trains, buses and subways without carseats all the time and if it was ..."