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Advice on How Not to Burn Chicken on the Grill?

Then turn the burners to medium-low or even turn one off if you have 3 or .... Then to finish cooking the chicken, turn off the burner and close the lid. ...

Is There a Way to Chop Onions Without Crying?

I have a gas stove and I turn a burner on low and chop away. .... I think I will try the water/burner ideas. Good luck to use both!! Helpful? ...

Wondering What 'Extras' on Video Cameras Are Really Necessary!

We then also bought a DVD burner that burns the DVD of our video directly ... The camera we got is a Sony DCR-SR62 and the DVD burner (I think it cost bet. ...

Anyone Made Little Smokies Wraped in Bacon?

Then get one of those little portable catering burner candles under there. They are one time use and you can get them at food supply stores, ect. ...

Boiling Eggs

Make sure you salt the water, put the eggs in and crank up the burner to high. Just as the eggs start a rolling boil, turn the heat all the way down to low, ...

I Can't Cook - Help Me w/Thanksgiving Plz! :)

Can I just keep them on a warm burner? Also, has anyone ever used cream .... The warmth of the oven and burner will keep it warm for a good 20-30 minutes. ...

Convert 8Mm VHS Tapes to DVD? Anyone Know?

You can buy a program for your computer that will convert tape's to DVD if you have a DVD burner on your computer. It's called "Dazzle: Digital Video ...

How to Make Popcorn

I put in 3 kernels and wait for them to pop (I put the burner on high). .... Once you turn on the burners (to a medium/high setting..more medium until you ...

Cooktop -- Gas Vs. Electrical

I normally use the back burners just so my daughters don't go near the flames. But once you turn them off it's just a matter of seconds for the burner to ...
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