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How Do You Have Fun with Your Kids Every Day?

J.S. asks from Seattle

OK, I have to admit it... I don't always enjoy playing with my son and need some ideas to change things up. He's two years old now and finally doing better at pl...


Is It NORMAL to Be EXHAUSTED at the End of Every DAY as a Mom?

L.F. asks from Sacramento

I'm a very happily married, stay-at-home mom of twin 2-1/2y.o. toddlers. In addition, we have a large property (6 acres, orchard, produce beds, landscaping) which I m...


Suggestions/Ideas For Wedding Anniversary and Mother's Day?

L.C. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms. My anniversary and Mother's Day are on the same weekend. Any ideas on what to do as a family? I was thinking of Monterey Bay Aquarium, Santa Cruz? Ap...


Daughter's 6Th B-day

N.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hi i need help finding games or things to do for my daughters 6th b-day party, there will be boys and girls from ages 2- 9 any ideas that are cheap and easy thanks


My Daughter Wants a Rabbit

J.S. asks from San Francisco

Are rabbits good pets for 1o year olds ? How does one find a pet bunny ?


Clowns, Pinatas, B-day Cake for Circus Party

G.W. asks from Dallas

I have three questions about our upcoming circus themed birthday party. My son is turning three. What age is appropriate for a pinata? The kid's will be from 1.5- 8 s...


Think I Just Broke My Son's Heart :(

L.L. asks from Hartford

My 8 1/2 year old son just asked me point blank about the Easter Bunny and I was truthful. He seemed to have had it figured out saying I bought the toys, but Daddy mu...



A.T. asks from Chicago

what are some easter traditions you do with your kids (toddlers)? i'm a little new at this since becoming a mother 2 yrs ago. i'm catholic and as a child i recall go...


When Is to Old?

M.K. asks from Indianapolis

When should you tell your child about Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny? My daughter is eight friends tell her there is no such thing, I'm not sure if she believes them...


When Do You Tell Your Kids?

E.K. asks from Fort Walton Beach

My question is when do you tell your kids the truth about Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc.? And what if they find out by accident? What is the ...

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  • im exhausted just reading your post in 2 answers "I'm exhausted just reading your post, so I'd say yes it's totally normal."
  • easter bunny and santa in 3 answers "I don't think I ever actually admitted I was the easter bunny and santa."
  • easter egg hunt in 2 answers "For dinner our neighborhood would all meet for a giant Easter Egg hunt and a cookout ..."
  • flour into the bowl in 2 answers "... so pouring the dog food in the bowl or the measured flour into the bowl ..."
  • kids grow up so fast in 2 answers "... let him form his own opinion and ask him what he thinks. Kids grow up so fast ..."