a bump on my nose

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Seeking a Cosmetic Surgereon

It changed my life. I had a long nose with a hideous bump on it. Well, Dr. Raphael made it look so natural and it now compliments my face. ...

Red Spot on My Sons Face

One day she just got a red spot on the bridge of her nose. .... My eldest son, at 5, had a bump appear on his face. at first it appeared to resemble a ...

Swollen Glands in Children

He still has the lump- but he also still has a little runny nose (allergies) ... One of my daughters limpnodes (sp) got really swollen underneath her arm ...

Oh I Have a BIG Problem!

In fact I had a huge "zit" on the left side of my nose about 3days ago that .... you can see on the picture at the internet link that's only a small bump). ...

What is the best remedies for an infant fell?

Read all 31 responses: "Hi every1, while my husband wuz watchin our ... officer so he checked to be sure there was no bleeding from her ears, mouth or nose. .... My daughter had a little bump on her head, and we just watched it and made ...

Daughter Having Some Boo-boo's in Grandma's Care

Sep 20, 2009 ... In the last 8 or so times my mom has watched her..." ... last week when she fell on our driveway while running (decent size scrape to forehead and nose). .... How can she stop every fall and bump they're accidents right? ...

How to unclogged a milk duct while breastfeeding?

Angling chin and nose toward lump can also help. For me, the football hold ... What worked for me was positioning my baby's chin on the lump while nursing. ...

Need Advice on How to Stop My 5 and 7 Year Old Boys from Pooping in Their Pants!

(I remember with a smile and a lump in my throat how big her eyes got as I told .... point I would tell him, that if he holds it, it will come out his nose! ...

What Is This Red Knot on My Leg?

Read all 15 responses: "Hi all, I have a hard knot on my lower calf and I don't know ... this weekend (don't remember bumping it but that doesn't mean anything) . ... When in bed with leg straight out, pull your toes towards your nose. ...

Staph Infection - Bone

Read all 5 responses: "My niece has a friend whose daughter might have a ... staph from using a friend's pencil and then picking his nose than he is to have ... My heart is pounding and I feel a lump in my throat as I read this post and ...
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