a bump on my head

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Has Your Child Experienced This Type of Head Trauma?

I wacked my head really hard the other day and while I had a small lump it was bigger a couple days later but doc said no worries just have to watch out for ...

Cyst on Baby's Head

When I was pregnant with my daughter I had the same outcome with my 20 week ... I have a nephew who was born with a bump on the very top of his head, ...

Very Large Goose Egg on Forehead

Aug 12, 2009 ... My son, now 10, had something similar happen to him when he was about 3 or 4. He fell and had a bump on his head, the swelling never went ...

Bump on Gums

My 6 month old has cut two bottom teeth already. Tonight I saw a bump on her lower gums that is not from another tooth coming through. ...

Advice on Skin Cancer

I have had this bump the size of an eraser head on my chin for the past three weeks now. It looked kind of like a pimple at first, but it didn't feel like ...


I realized in my early 20's that I had huge dents in my head and I was in shock. I have one that is huge, I occasionaly bump my head when playing with the ...

Daughter Has Wart-like Thing with Fleshy Spikes Growing HELP

My daughter has this wart like thing growing on her forhead, well her hair line actually. ... bump on back of head · bump on the back of head · bump my ...

Cyst Like- Balls- Lumps Both Sides of Inner Pelvic Bone(the v Area Above Vagina)

My two year daughter has been sick on and off for the past month (mainly a little cough and running ... Lumps on My Daughter's Head · 10 · Help About a Bump ...

Minor Head Injury/Fell off the Bed

I swear my daughter must bump her head 50 times a day. At this age their made of rubber, and most of the time they bounce right back and forget it way ...

6 Month Old Has Been Tilting Her Head to Side....

My 6 month old daughter seems to randomly tilt her head to the left every once in awhile. ... or she may have a small bump on the side of her neck. ...
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