a bump on my hand

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Daughter Having Some Boo-boo's in Grandma's Care

Sep 20, 2009 ... In the last 8 or so times my mom has watched her..." ... For my hubbie - well, put it this way - I have a super-sensitive Daddy on my hands. .... How can she stop every fall and bump they're accidents right? ...

Anyone Else Have a History of Difficult IV Insertion?

(the fluid had stayed in the top of my hand for a while after that. .... I can tell you, I STILL have a lump in my arm right above where the catheter was in ...

Daughter Has Wart-like Thing with Fleshy Spikes Growing HELP

My son had a wart on his hand that was like a parasitic twin. ... I remember that it started out as a bump...and then got bigger...and then, ...

Mastitis During Pregnancy?

The soreness of a lump in the breast can be painful for a nursing mother. ... If this is the case, then you may need to hand-express for a day or two. .... I had mastitis three separate times with my first baby, and it seemed like each ...

Tile Floors and Infants

My house is mostly concrete floors. My little boy would hit his head ... I put my hand in front of her chest so if she falls I can catch her. ... And even though she cried, she was fine 10 minutes later, with not even a lump afterward. ...

Seeking OBGYN Doctor Reco's in Temecula Area

Read all 12 responses: "Hi, I am soon to be pregnant with my #3 child ... with him and I knew that my son and I were both in good hands. .... She has helped me through a lump in my breast, two babies, a miscarriage, and cervical cancer. ...

My 2 1/2 Yr Old Daughter Has Spreading "Pimples"?

... about two weeks ago I noticed a pimple looking bump on my daughters left arm . ... She got them in clusters on her hand and tummy it was weird and ugly. ...

I Think I Have a Breast Abscess

Either before or while pumping, massage your breast working your hands from ..... I had a similar experience, I also developed a lump under my armpit that I ...

help.........clogged Milk Duct??????????

Toward the end of the shower I would try to hand-express some milk, making the " C" with my hand such that my thumb was on the lump of milk. ...

Son Lost Fingernail, Due to Daughter Shutting His Finger in a Door

Read all 11 responses: "About a week ago, my daughter shut my sons finger in ... he doesn't want anyone to touch it and when you do he yanks his hand back. .... I have noticed that a part of his nail does look like it may have a lump in ...
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