a bump on my gums

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Tooth Trouble!

They said it can do that or maybe he banged it again (my son is fearless), but not to worry unless above the tooth you ever notice a bump in the gums. ...

My 10 Mo. Old Has Had Some Diarrhea the past Couple of Days

Read all 10 responses: "My 10 month old daughter is a pretty regular pooper. ... area of her mouth(gums). Checking to see if you feel any lumps or bump(s). ...

Looking for a Great Skin Bump Product That Can Help Eliminate Shave-like Bumps

Read all 40 responses: "I've had these tiny bumps on my legs and thighs for years ... hair, teeth and gums, help treat acne, superficial wrinkles, impetigo, ...


I am a new mom and my 8 month old son got his first tooth right around 6 months. First I noticed the increase in his drooling a few weeks before and a bump ...


Read all 13 responses: "my son just turned 7 months and he's been ... He had a bump in his gum for 1 month. He just now got his second tooth at 8 months. ...

Concerned About My Son's Bloody Nose

... see any other abnormal bleeding like his gums or in his stool, which I have not seen. ... I had to have my nose carterized a few times and it has helped a lot. ..... Then it happened again really minor bump and she started bleeding. ...

Changed Behavoir in 4 Month Old

Read all 17 responses: "My 4 month old daughter has been in the hospital 6 days ... do you see any redness on the gums, or feel a bump or anything like a ...

Too Young to Be Teething?

I gave him a face and gum massage and he fell asleep in my lap; he was soo ..... are usually the first so you may feel a bump in the gum line around there. ...

Fussy Baby...

My son started teething very early - around 4 months actually. Feel his bottom gums in the front - you might be able to feel the teeth ready to come through ...

8 Month Old Won't Stay Asleep at Night Help Please!

He's my 3rd baby and they've each had a bump in the sleep routine around this ... Hi! your little one might be teething and you might try rubbing her gums ...
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