a bump in the eye

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Lump in Toddler's Neck

I know you're worried. We all hear about finding a lump and lumps being cancer and so we worry. But I really don't think you have to just keep an eye on it. ...

Bump on Gums

Tonight I saw a bump on her lower gums that is not from another tooth coming ... I would just keep your eye on it. My youngest daughter, who will be 8mon. ...


The eye doctor thought it was a cyst, which is what I've thought from the beginning. He didn't think it was cancer b/c it doesn't .... Lump on Daughters Eye ...

Very Large Goose Egg on Forehead

Aug 12, 2009 ... It's located above her right eye on her forehead. Should it be gone by now? .... Next question: Bump on Toddlers Forehead from Fall ...

Weird Bump at the Base of Neck

I would keep an eye on it to see if it changes in size or shape. ... I'd need to more about the "large bump" before I could come to any determination on ...

2 Yr Old Has Lump on Collar bone..anyone Else Had This?

Read all 10 responses: "My 2 yr old son has a lump/bump right on his collarbone. ... My son has a knot on his forehead right between his eyes. ...

My 8 Year Old Has a Lump on His Scapula/Shoulder Area

Read all 5 responses: "My son noticed a lump on his upper back today. ... We are going to keep an eye on them for a couple of weeks to see if there is any ...

Born with Bump in Lower Gum

Read all 9 responses: "Has anyone ever seen a bump on a newborns lower gum, ... Don't worry about it too much, like anything else keep an eye on it. ...

Lump in My Son's Throat!

I will keep an eye on it and if I feel that the ultrasound needs to be ... Chances are that the lump on your son's throat is actually a swollen lymph node. ...

Bump on Middle of Back

Her parents noticed a bump on the middle of her back yesturday and mentioned ... Dr. Visits · Early Intervention · Eye Glasses · Eyes & Vision · First Aid ...
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  • swollen lymph nodes in 3 answers "... I got the same advice I got 11 years ago that they were just swollen lymph nodes."
  • swollen lymph node in 2 answers "It was a swollen lymph node, his body was doing its'"
  • swollen lymph node in 2 answers "Chances are that the lump on your son's throat is actually a swollen lymph node."
  • called an epstein pearl in 2 answers "If it's a shiny small bump, it may be something called an Epstein pearl, which is ..."
  • just a lymph node in 3 answers "My first son had a lump like that & it was just a lymph node."