a bump in my ear

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Swollen Lymph Nodes? (String of Pearls Effect - My Own Dubbing)

Just stating what I've seen work numerous times, in addition to having both of my kids adjusted from day one, I've seen ear infections go away once dairy ...

6 Month Old Has Been Tilting Her Head to Side....

My son, when he was little, had ear infections. .... head to one side and have limited neck movement, or she may have a small bump on the side of her neck. ...

Son Needs Hole in Ear Patched from Tubes Being Removed

The doctor told me that there is still a hole in his left ear and..." ... Think, again, like having your earlobes pierced, if you let it heal it will leave a lump. ... However, my son is turning 4 and has had ear tubes since he was 2. ...

Bumps on Her Head

I am not a medical professional but I had a bump on the base of my skull that ... Next question: Bump's on 2.5 Yr Olds Neck! ... Lymph Node Behind Ear ...

17 Month Old Gets Ear Infections...

My kid had over 10 ear infections (a few nasty ones) in her first year ... On the cheek wall there, you will feel a small bump in the skin that is the flap. ...

Jumps, Playing, and Getting Head Hit??????

That's what I did with my kids and it ended headaches in one and ear infections in the other. .... Bump on Toddlers Forehead from Fall ...

Help! I Have a Blocked/clogged Milk Duct for the THIRD time...help!

About 6 weeks ago one of my milk ducts became blocked and turned into a very hard. ... turned into a very hard lump in my breast which developed into a mastitis. ... yesterday and this afternoon when woke up from a nap (my son has a ear ...

Nose Ring Question

I used tea tree oil to get rid of the bump and there was just a small dot but nothing that was ... When to Allow My Daughter to Have Her Ears Pierced ...


Read all 6 responses: "My 6 month old son has a free moving nodule at the base of ... Next question: Bump's on 2.5 Yr Olds Neck! ... Lymph Node Behind Ear ...

Salivary Gland Issues

Now, it's May and it is coming back, but the bump is smaller and there only ..... This happened to my mom. I suggest you see a specialist ENT (Ears, Nose, ...
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  • swollen lymph nodes in 5 answers "I think that swollen lymph nodes are pretty common when fighting any type of infection ..."
  • had 3 sets of tubes in 2 answers "I have a 12 year old that has had 3 sets of tubes and at one time a cyst on his ear ..."
  • lymph node in 3 answers "I felt it first and the doctor confirmed my thoughts... an enlarged lymph node."
  • take your little guy in 2 answers "Hi, I'd take your little guy to the doctor."
  • said they were normal in 2 answers "I took her to two Drs. both said they were normal and probably a reaction to an illness."