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Severe Fall

The bruise colored like it should, purple, yellow, brown, etc. and was clear in color yesterday although the bump was still very visible. ...

Lymph Node Behind Ear

My son had a bump on the top of his head as a baby. It freaked me out, ... Even after my sons baby acne was gone, the bump was still there. ...

Bumps on Her Head

I am not a medical professional but I had a bump on the base of my skull that matches what you are describing, so to hopefully put your mind at ease until ...

Found Red Raised Bump in 4 Month Old Daughter's Groin Area

Read all 4 responses: "while giving my 4 mo. old daughter a bath, i noticed a little bump on her outer groin area that was not detectible by eye but i could ...

Daughter Has Wart-like Thing with Fleshy Spikes Growing HELP

It started as a bump and then grew these spikey things. ... The last time I had a wart, I remember that it started out as a bump...and then got bigger...and ...

Scar Tissue? or Other Concern

It has always been a bit swollen at the site of the injury but now he's had all the (7) stitches removed and it seems as if he has a bump under the skin ...

How to deal with a lump behind the ear?

Read all 16 responses: "Hey moms!! I am a little concerned. I have a small hard lump behind my right ear. I have had it for at least several years, ...

Hernia Sonogram on My 1 Year Old

My daughter (1 yesterday), just went for her 1 year shots and checkup. She has had a bump on her tummy, above her bely button for as long..."

Scar on Daughter's Lip

I'm noticing now that she still has a bump on her lip where she was ... My 19 mos old has a lil bump on his inner lower lip, his tooth went thru it a few ...

Knot of Some Sort Found....

I visibily could see a round bump/knot half way between his ear and top of his shoulder on his neck. I felt it and it moved and was hard. ...
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  • could be a lymph node in 2 answers "Could be a lymph node that has gotten infected."
  • like a lymph node in 2 answers "Hi there from what you describe it sounds like a lymph node - small non-tender and ..."
  • had brain surgery in 2 answers "I think this is normal. I had brain surgery 9 years ago and had staples and if I ..."
  • swollen lymph in 2 answers "... a couple weeks ago and now has a bump behind his ear which is a swollen lymph ..."
  • layers of skin in 2 answers "if you will, through all those multiple layers of skin that were damaged."