a building is not a building

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Experience with Direct Buy?

It seems like it may make sense for those who are doing complete remodels, building from the ground up (not a semi-custom), etc. ...

Looking for Recommendations of Doctors That Deliver at Unity Hospital

You are not far from North Memorial. I had all three of my kids there. ... I also go to the Fridley OB-GYN group in the professional building attached to ...

Baby's Birth Certificate?!

... to do is go down to the records building in Downtown Dallas and request a copy ... Its possible that you misunderstood...you do not need to apply for a ...

Need Advice on a Stinky Apartment

Then, you have to, in writing, (and document things for your own) tell the building owner of what is going on. You have "tenant rights." And, you should not ...

Wanting to Buy a House, but How?

We were renting an apartment in a building close to where my husband works. The way the building is set up, all units are not owned by one company, ...

Need Advice on How to Keep Legos Organized

Lego is ment for building various things not just one thing so it is great that he is using the parts for various ideas instead of just keeping it just for ...

I'm at My Wits End with My 6 Yr Old!

I would not suggest taking away his birthday party. That's a special day. ... I have to wonder if that school isn't a "sick building" and doesn't contain ...

Birthday Gift for 6 Year Old Boy

Aug 25, 2009 ... If you want a building toy but different than Legos, try ZoobMobile ... Not sure if they still make the big metal one he had (and still has) ...

Renter's Insurance, Deposit. (Flooded House While on Vacation)

Sep 15, 2009 ... First of all you are a renter and that it not your problem. The owner is responsible for the building and anything that is attached to the ...

Moving to Utah, Considering LDS

We're building a house in Farmington and there's an LDS church right across .... All are invited, member or not. Just walk right in and speak with anyone ...
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