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Quicken? for Financial Online Planning or Another?

You will see that you are less prone to bouncing checks, because you maintain a certain buffer. Financial gurus will point out the low or no interest rate ...

Best way to take off my fake nail at home

I'm a nail tech and the best way to get them off is by using Acetone, cotton balls, strong nail file that you're not afraid to throw away, buffer block and ...

Something That Keeps the Polish on Your Nails?

I agree with Angela using the block buffer to prep is a good idea, then you would put on the chip skip by OPI, you dont want to forget the base coat b/c ...

Not Sure When to Plan My Baby's Cesarean!

Schedule it around the 19th and give you new child a buffer between their day and Christmas. Its good for their *entire childhood* self-esteem. ...

Transitioning Newborn from Car Seat to Crib/ Ferber Method

Not lying down and wait 1/2 hour and when I layed her down I had to put her on her side so I got a buffer thing that went around her on both sides that way ...

Carpet Cleaning...SOAP? or STEAM?

Basically we spray our cleaning solution on your carpet and then brush over it with our machine that looks like a floor buffer. What this does is aggitate ...

Super Glue on Granite Countertop

Use acetone to try and rub it off, then use a dremel tool with the chamois buffer and granite polish to buff back the finish. I think #1 is the best advice . ...

Birthday Party Favors ?

If the girls are ready for more grown-up girly things: something else my daughter likes is a fingernail buffer. We got ours at CVS pharmacy for under $3.00. ...

Don't Use Kiwi Carpet Cleaning

He used what appeared to be a floor buffer and squirted the 'cleaning" solutions from a hand held spray bottle. I had to have them re-do the stairs b/c they ...

Would This Ruin a Friendship?

D.T. asks from Tulsa

I have an old friend who I have recently become reaquainted with. Her husband is very sensitive about comments and criticisms and seems to use his wife as his buffer...

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