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Green and Granite

After you wipe them down, take another clean, dry cloth and buff them a little. Good for you for trying to do a little green. Helpful? ...

Party Ideas for 11 Year Old Girl

Another idea we almost did was taking the girls to a nail salon to have a mini- manicure..just a quick buff and painting with a design is what a lot of girls ...

Hardwood vs Laminate?? What Brand to Choose??

If you get a scratch you buff it or major issue you can sand and refinish. Now neither of these things are great but Laminate is not repairable. ...

Looking for Monkey Face Plates for 1St B-day

Aug 18, 2009 ... I'm a big DIY buff, so my suggestion is to make your own. Pick up some cheap white plastic plates at Walmart and some acrylic paints and ...

I Need My Car Fixed!

My dad was EXTREMELY happy with their work and he is a total car buff so if he liked them you know they are good. I hope everything turns out ok for you! ...

Severe Diaper Rash

Take his diaper off and let him run around in the buff as much as you can. You can put a pad under him in his bed so that he can sleep in the buff. ...

Has Anyone Eaten with the Characters at DisneyWorld???

We didn't do a Princess meal but my oldest daughter did get a make-over at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and she loved it, if your DD is a princess buff she will ...

Did You Ever Grow Out of "Not Caring About School"?

(Like doing math drills are boring, but if a sports buff is using math to figure out batting averages and other statistics, he can see the point of it and ...

Ideas for 16Th Birthday Gift for Niece

If she is a dance/theatre buff, then taking her to a great show or ballet in the city might be something memorable -- and it won't sit in the drawer. ...

How Do You Clean a Whiteboard?

... high we just used a vinegar and water mix. I want to buff mine a bit too and have been looking into it. this is the website I found some great ideas at ...
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