a brother in need

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Brother SE 270D

Read all 6 responses: "Does anyone out there have a Brother SE 270D Sewing Machine? ... I don't have that machine, but usually you need to play with your ...

Need a Gift Idea to Announce 2Nd Pregnancy to Grandparents

I'm the BIG sister/brother on it. I've seen this done and it was really cute! ... Need Unique or Special Way to Tell Parents/in-laws That We're Pregnant ...

Need Advice on Schizophrenia!

My brother was always different, a gifted child who had problems .... The issues that lead to the need of therapy may be isolated or related to some ...

Need Some Opinions!!

I love him, but, I DO want a brother or sister for my son. ... We aren't the closest family in the world but when I need to talk they are there. ...

Seeking Advice for Jealous Child (Brother and Sister)

Maybe explain the concept of respect and to get respect you need to give respect . ... I am trying very hard to give attention to both you and your brother, ...

How to Tell My Child Whats Wrong with Her Brother

I would let her know the situation with her brother and explain that he .... but at some point you will need to let your daughter know that her brother is ...

How to Deal with 2 Yr Old Hitting and Pushing Younger Brother

Babies learn how to get the attention they need and negative attention is better than no attention. Hitting brother does get your attention and for Monet ...

Brother in Law Slob

Nov 17, 2009 ... If you do need him there for financial reasons then you & your .... My brother lives with me and i couldn't get him to clean to save my life ...

Mysterious/Imaginary Baby Brother

I guess the only thing I can say, is if it were my shoes, I would probably tell my daughter that she doesn't need to be sad, that the baby brother is safe, ...
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