a broken tooth

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Why Is Daughter's Tooth Grey?

Read all 15 responses: "I am worried about my daughter's front tooth. ... I used Dr. Ariana in Broken Arrow for my root canal. ###-###-####. ...

Horrible Tooth Pain - 9 Wks Pregnant

Sep 14, 2009 ... For the last few days, I have been having horrible tooth pain, in a tooth ..... tooth extraction · gold teeth · tooth abscess · broken teeth ...

Baby Tooth Knocked Out

Beauty · Bladder & Kidney · Broken Bones & Sprains · Checkup ... I've heard you can put the tooth in milk and they can try to put it back in, but I've also ...


We didn't recommend bringing children in until age 3 unless you notice black spots on any teeth after brushing or a broken tooth. While he is still a little ...

Loose Baby's Tooth with Permanent Tooth Coming Out Behind It

One day, we noticed something white sticking out of his gum where one of the baby teeth had detached ... it looked like a piece of his baby tooth was broken ...

Seeking Mom's with Injury Prone Infants

Like the other mom said - if it's not a serious injury (loose tooth, or looks like it ... cast as I type his wrist is broken an accident with my 11 year old and a backetball, ... Advice on What to Do About Chipped Tooth in 18 Month Old ...

Chipped Baby Molar on Seven Year Old

Yes, it is a baby tooth, and she will get a new one probably around the age of 9 or 10 ... My daughter chipped a tooth... we took her to the dentist, ...

Seeking Dental Care While Pregnant.

I have a back tooth that has a very large filling in it. ... It left a very jagged piece of tooth sticking up and a fear that more will break off if I chew ...

Not Insured and Warried About Child's Permanent Teeth!

I was reading up on this very topic the other day cause my son's first permenant tooth (also 6 yo) had broken through and while his baby tooth was loose it ...

When Do I Start Taking My Daughter to the Dentist?

He did several fillings and the cap for the broken tooth. He is one of the few Pediatric Dentists we talked to that actually does white fillings at this age ...
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