a broken neck

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Toddler Hurt His Leg

My little girl went with a broken arm for 3 days before we found it for sure & my brother-in-law had a broken neck for 3 weeks before he went somewhere else ...

2 Yr Old Has Lump on Collar bone..anyone Else Had This?

But, it turned out that she had a broken collar bone, ... i'm not sure about this, but my son has one small bump on each side of his neck, not on the bone, ...

My 13 Month Daughter Is Ready for a Car Seat... Need Some Advice

I'd rather have a broken leg than a broken neck! The only time the child's height is an issue is if the top of the ears are higher than the back of the ...

When Is the Right Age or Weight to Switch Car Seats?

I would rather be inconvienced than have a baby with a broken neck or worse. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Front Facing Car Seat

Just ask yourself, would you rather he have a broken neck, or broken legs? Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Looking for a Chickenpox Party

He broke his neck and also contracted shingels in his face,a later complication of chicken pox.He said the pain was so severe,the broken neck was nothing, ...

When and How to Tell Kids About the Divorce.

Divorce hurts for way longer than a broken neck! If you have anger it will affect how your kids feel about you. I had a lot of anger ANGER. ...

Need to Find Moving Testimony for Teenage Girls

... in that hospital for rover two months now. with a broken back , broken neck and on a breathing machine maybe one of them would be able to speak for you. ...

Car Seat to a Booster

... I know she would feel "big" if she turned forward facing, but Daddy always says "Would you rather she have 2 broken legs, or a broken neck"? ...

Car Seat

This could result in a broken neck in an accident. So height is a huge factor in the booster seat. I know that there are full grown women that probably ...
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