a broken ankle

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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

check out your local chiropractor for getting your ankle adjusted/realigned! i worked for one for ... But then I got( 4 hair line fractures) in my ankle in Dec .07. ... ankle broken · ankle swelling · prayer request · shoe inserts ...

Three Year Old Son in a Leg Cast

This sams kid suffered several broken arms at school as well...and the trick ... a 90 degree angle to the tape-- down toward the tub, not toward his ankle. ...

Toddler Having Leg Pain

From his knee the p-n went to his ankles, then one knee and an ankle and they were ... but my 18 month old did the same and wound up having a broken leg. ...

Sprained Ankle

It has been about 7 weeks since I sprained my ankle. ... I sprained my ankle back in middle or high school (gosh, it's been so long, ... Broken or Sprained? ...

Am I a Failure at Being a Mommy???

Maybe we could get together at some point ... although right now might be a bit difficult; I'm on crutches with a broken ankle that it took 3 weeks to ...

Hairline Fractures in Arm's and Elbows

I have a son (now 16) and he has broken his arm and leg. He fell from a tree and said he ... My son had his wrist broken 6 times while he was growing up. ...

Toxic Synovitis

Originally the doctor said a sprained ankle; however, the limping didn't just ... he could still have underlying injuries such as a broken metatarsal or ...

39 Weeks Pregnant and Falling Apart!

I got this horrible cramp in my ankle - which has never happened before, and it turned my foot all crooked and killed. I thought I had broken my ankle, ...

Need Advice on "Waterproof" Cast Covers

Jun 1, 2009 ... My son has broken both his hand and his ankle and yes they work as protection for the cast but it won't keep the water out completely if she ...

Swollen Ankles After C-section?

She had a c-section and afterward her ankles and feet swelled up HUGE, ... swollen ankles · christmas stockings · c section after · ankle broken ...
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  • had a hairline fracture in 3 answers "Hi C.!! My son had a hairline fracture to his wrist at 1 1/2 and was put in a cast."
  • bag over his cast in 2 answers "We strapped a heavy weight garbage bag over his cast (lighter plastic is easily torn ..."
  • water proof cast in 3 answers "The water proof cast with the gortex was wonderful."
  • had a waterproof cast in 2 answers "My son broke his arm last summer. He had a waterproof cast from his wrist to his ..."
  • high blood pressure in 3 answers "I had PIH with two of my kids and I had the high blood pressure and swelling real ..."