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Need Ideas for 4 Year Old Party

eLink Systems offers a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions consisting of IT and technical support, software applications, website design ...

Vacationing in Germany near Frankfurt...What Sights Should We See?

And right across the street from the palace is a broad choice of restaurants, we like the Cafe' Journal and Brauhouse, which has it's own brewery and ...

I Need Help Diagnosing My 10-Year-old's Stomach Troubles

Digestive issues can span such a broad spectrum, it's so hard to say one way or the other whether your son has allergies, stress, anxiety or some other ...

24 Month Old Is Running an Fever and Urine Tested Positive..Help!!!

I'm sure the medicine they gave her is a broad-spectrum antibiotic which will likely treat any of the many bacterial infections that could be in her urine. ...

Bad Cough

... and did a chest x ray and it showed his throat was swelled nearly completely shut. ask for omnicef or a broad spectrum antibiotic and have a chest x ...

Is It Normal for a 18 Month Not Talking?

There is a broad range of "normal" for speech development, and boys typically talk later than girls. Some kids are putting two and three words together by ...

Am I the Only Person Alive That Doesn't Facebook?

I just don't get the appeal of posting so much personal info to a broad audience . I understand things can be kept "private" but are they really? ...

Toddler with SPD? Need Help!

Early Intervention thought sensory processing disorder too (the nuerophychologist who evaluated him does not acknowledge SPD because it is such a broad ...

What's a Good Sunblock for Toddlers?

Make sure it's a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Make sure you apply it 30 mins before sun exposure and keep applying it all day. Also, they have special ...

My 15-Month Old Isn't Talking Much

not all children show a broad vocabulary. Don't sweat it! 15 month is young. I have a 29 month old girl who hardly speaks, definetly not even two word ...
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